# Tittle File
1 Chabahar Agreement View/Download
2 Agreement on International Transportation Routes Among Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan View/Download
3 Agreement on International Transportation Routes Among Afg, Iran & Uzbek View/Download
4 MoU of Trilateral Joint  Commission of Iran, Afghanistan and India View/Download
5 MoU Trilateral Meeting on the Development & Construction View/Download
6 APTTA View/Download
7 Agreement on Promotion and Protection of Investment Between Afghanistan and Tajikistan View/Download
8 Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation between Afghanistna & Kazakhstan View/Download
9 Signed Copy of Transit Agreement with Uzbekistan View/Download
10 2003, Uzbekistan, Agreement on Cooperation in Railway Transport  View/Download
11  Agreement between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan on Trade an View/Download
12 India, 2003, Preferential Trade Agreement View/Download
13 Motor Vehicle Agreement Between Afghanistan & India View/Download
14 India, 2005, MoU on Textiles View/Download
15 Agreement on Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments View/Download
16 Agreement on Economic and Trade Cooperation between AFG- Azerbaijan View/Download
17 English Text of MOU on SMEs View/Download
18 Agreement on The reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investment Between Afghanistan and Turkey View/Download
19 Agreement on trade and Economic Cooperation Between AFG-Turkey View/Download
20 International Road Transport Agreement between Afghanistan and Turkey View/Download
21 Transit & Transport Cooperation Agreement (Lapis Lazuli) View/Download
22 KSA, Agreement on Comprehensive cooperationOG View/Download
23 Comprehensive Long-term Partnership between Afghanistan & Australia View/download
24 Agreement on Establishment of JC between Afghanistan and Belarus View/download
25 MoU on Least Developed Countries Initiative between Afg & Cananda View/Download
26 Protocol of Pine Nuts between Afghanistan and China View/Download
27 Protocol of phytosanitary Requirments for saffron Export  View/Download
28 Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between Afghanistan and China  View/Download
29 China, 2006, Cooperation Agreement between AISA and CCPIT (English) View/Download
30 Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation Between Afghanistan & China View/Download
31 Agreement on Trade & Economic Cooperation Between Afghan View/Download
32 MoU on Agricultural Cooperation between Ministry of Agri View/Download
33 MOU on Cooperation between MoIC and SAMR of China View/Download
34 MOU on jointly Building the Silk road View/Download
35 GermanTreaty on Bilateral Ecnouraging & Supporting Invest View/Download
36 Agreement between Afghanistan and Italian Republic in the filed of Mircrofinance Investments support View/Download
37 Kyrgyz, 2019, Agreement, Establishment of Joint Commission View/Download
38 English MoU on the Program for Cooperation with Emerging M View/Download
39 Framework Agreement on Cooperation Between Afghanistan and Poland View/Download
40 ECO, Investment Agreement View/Download
41 Agreement on Trade and Economic Co-operation between Afghanistan and Russia View/Download
42 Agreement on Establishment of JC between Afg and Ukerain View/Download
43 2004, Ukraine, Trade and Economic Cooperation View/Download
44 Women Empowerment MOU View/Download
45 MOU Between Ministry of Commerce of AFG _ USA View/Download
46 Investment Agreement between Afghanistan and USA View/Download
47 Agreement on Development of Trade & Investment between AFG -USA View/Download

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