History of Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Afghanistan is one of the major and key organs of the government and has ancient history.

His Excellency Ghazi Amanullah Khan after the declaration of independence in the (1298 H 1919 year), took fundamental steps for pervasive reforms.

Shah Amanullah made the government of independent Afghanistan basis on the constitution and the bylaw of organizational structure, and thus for the first time fundamental organization of Afghanistan was conducted base on the law and regulations which was published on (15 Jawza 1302 h).

According to the substantial bylaw or constitution triad laws of government (Execution, legislation, and Judicial) this ministry was established, and these bylaws were conducted independently in its belonging Zones.

After the declaration of independence from the Shah Amanullah, bylaw of Execution was created and in the primary reign and government of that period Sardar Ab. Qudos was nominated as the Prime Minister and Ghulam Mohammad Khan Wardak was avowed as the Minister of Commerce.

Ministry of Commerce between the years of (1317 to 1337 H) was called Ministry of National Economy and on the basis of organizational structures of recent years, it was part of Commerce, agriculture, Industries and Customs of administrative affairs, and in the year of (1316 H) base on the development of economic affairs General Management offices promoted to Directorates.

Certain new offices e.g. authority of hand crafts, machine crafts, transport authority, in the presidency of Industries and authorities of independent tariff, authority of Law management, authority of domestic markets, statistics of domestic and foreign authority, In-depth management and studies in the trade directorate, and in the year of 1317h the trade directorate, Exports and Imports departments were established.

Over time and according to the needs, mentioned administrations disjoined from the Ministry of National Economy and started to its activities as new units, and then promoted into independent ministries.

In the year of 1318 attaché office inaugurated in India and Afghanistan Trade office initiated in Peshawar and in the late of 1328 to 1329 in organizational structure of Ministry of National Economy acquired some changes, some directorate were created and some were omitted and their affairs were given to the other offices.

Nevertheless according to the needs of regular improvements, some other corporations and professional ministries created, a number of offices were disjoined from the Ministry of National Economy and promoted into independent corporations and administrations, and at last in the year of (1335 H  Aqrab month) again it was called as Ministry of Commerce in the organizational structure of the government, and after the mentioned date with having various organizational structures, has carried out various business activities.

In current situation, Afghanistan government is committed to “free economy market” and advocacy of private sector as effective way for the welfare and prosperity of Afghanistan.

Economy of Afghanistan has stably improved and this improvement exists as unequal and affected Afghans specially who lives in the rural areas.

Majority of the people are not believing on the welfares of free market, especially when they face to the increase of rapid rates of primary needs e.g. petroleum and wheat.

It’s needed that the people of Afghanistan must know about the benefits of free economy market and have to be persuaded towards this phenomenon, opportunities of economic growth, and the country which the private sector is the key of its economic movement, cognize and take the advantages of it.

This subject inclusive with a commitment with a move of growth in small and big enterprises, current or prevalent Industries, noncurrent industries, and also increase of competition for the believing of private sector is beneficial for all.

To achieve these goals Ministry of Industry and Commerce is the only and unique key.

This ministry has passed long destinations for its capacity buildings to play its new role actively and straightforward, in the mentioned ministry, one separate (Human Resource Directorate) established and started to a complete program of administration reform through collation of (Grade and Salary system), in addition Ministry of Industry and Commerce made significant progress in key areas of policies, trade facilitation and regulation.